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  • Torrent Accelerator 1.1

    Now you can download Torrent files with fast speed by using handy Torrent Accelerator. Its key features are as follow: it optimizes your bandwidth
  • VIP Torrent 4.5.0

    VIP Torrent is a Internet software developed by VIP Rumor. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is
  • Fox Torrent 1.13

    FoxTorrent is a Firefox extension that lets you stream torrents as they download from your web browser, with zero configurations needed. Its main
  • Get-Torrent 3.0.1

    A super fast Torrent file Searcher!GetTorrent is a handy utility that will quickly search for popular bit torrent sites for files.You can search and
  • G3 Torrent 1.01

    G3 Torrent is a BitTorrent Client and is popular for its advanced graphical features. It is written in python and makes you able to queue up/down,
  • SG:Torrent 1.0

    You must keep the tiles from piling up to the top of the board or they will crash down on you. But be warned they keep coming and they come faster
  • Net Accelerator

    Use Net Accelerator to speed up your Internet activities significantly. You will be able to have faster browsing, downloading of files, and a better
  • IE Accelerator 2.28

    Accelerate the surfing and downloading speed of your Internet Explorer by up to 2 to 6 times. IE Accelerator is a download accelerator for Microsoft
  • PPC Accelerator 1.1

    PPC Accelerator is a New And Unique PPC Management Software Tool. Source, Edit, Format and Manage your Keyword Lists in One Place Through One
  • My PC Accelerator 1.87

    Free List Manager, merge smaller email lists into one big list. It is a full featured professional mailinglist manager software. It is specially
  • PC Accelerator 2007

    PC Accelerator is our powerful all-in-one PC performance and Internet acceleration solution designed to help increase your system and online
  • Mz Cpu Accelerator 4.1.0

    The higher priority is now automatically assigned to newly active window with exclusive software application Mz Cpu Accelerator. It has user friendly
  • Web Accelerator Plus 2.0.1

    A handy Download Manager that supports multi channels downloading from the web server.It supports mirrors searching and also supports private and
  • Opt In Accelerator 1.0

    Opt In Accelerator 1.0 provides an effective application which is useful for your computer. This magic option form creator offers the easiest and
  • Accelerator 0.1.1

    The inclusive and user friendly software Accelerator is crested by using portable technologies i.e. Python and OpenGL.
  • CPU Accelerator Pro -

    A small utility that will allow you to run applications much faster than the original speed. CPU Accelerator is an application that automatically
  • Torrent Searcher 9.0

    Torrent Searcher is a easy to use multiple network filesharing program. A multiple filesharing program means that it can connect to different
  • Torrent Swapper

    Torrent Swapper, a chummily Open-Source-Peer-to-Peer-File-Sharing-Client and permits a very fast interchange of huge files. Based on the Bit- Torrent-
  • Torrent DVD to AVI Converter 1.21

    [1] General Introduction:Torrent DVD to AVI Converter is a powerful dvd converter. With it you can convert your DVD movie video to AVI video, all with
  • Torrent DVD to MP4 Converter 1.21

    [1] Torrent DVD to MP4 Converter General Introduction:Torrent DVD to MP4 Converter is a powerful dvd converter. With it you can convert your DVD movie
  • Torrent DVD to PSP MP4 Converter 1.21

    [1] Torrent DVD to PSP Converter General Introduction:Torrent DVD to PSP MP4 Converter is a powerful dvd converter. With it you can convert your DVD
  • Torrent DVD to WMV Converter 1.21

    Torrent DVD to WMV Converter Introduction:Torrent DVD to WMV Converter is a powerful dvd converter. With it you can convert your DVD movie video to
  • Torrent DVD Ripper 2.93

    Torrent DVD Ripper is a super easy-using,high speed DVD ripping tool with friendly interface.It can rip your favorite DVD movies to most popular video
  • Torrent Search Bar 2.1

    Search Torrents in more then 20 Top Torrent Search
  • Torrent DVD Creator 2.67

    [1] General Introduction:Torrent DVD Creator ( is a DVD creator plus a DVD burner. It can convert
  • Torrent Captor 3.5.0

    Torrent Captor is a highly-developed BitTorrent client, practical to a wide range of users that was specifically created to make the best out of your
  • Movie Torrent 5.5.0

    Movie Torrent just puts file sharing in a new light. It is the outcome of the latest technology combined with an as friendly as it gets concept to
  • Music Torrent 4.5.0

    P2P file sharing application is Music Torrent that allows you to share downloaded music, mp3, movies, software, documents and games. It has
  • Torrent Toolbar

    The Torrent Toolbar searches in 1 click many popular BitTorrent sites and automatically matches available Subtitles translations from various
  • Torrent Monster 2.9.0

    Torrent Monster is a most reliable file sharing application that allows you to download any digital file such as images, music, movies, applications,
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  • SKDownloader 4.0.1

    SKDownloader is a free torrent client and download accelerator for Linux, windows and other platforms. It is java based and has special installers for Linux and Windows. Main features are * Download using torrent
  • Torrent Magnifier 1.0

    This download is torrent Magnifier Desktop edition. torrent Magnifier have other version:1. Firefox / IE8 search providerSearch for torrents adding this service to your browser's search providers.Compatible with Mozilla
  • Download Accelerator Plus Removal Tool 1.0

    Remove Download accelerator Plus 5.0 completely with Download accelerator Plus 5.0 Removal Tool! Main Features: - Effectively removes Download accelerator Plus 5.0 files and registry keys - Kills the core of Download
  • Torrent Accelerator 1.1

    Now you can download torrent files with fast speed by using handy torrent accelerator. Its key features are as follow: it optimizes your bandwidth usage and speed of download as well; it helps you in finding more sources
  • Torrent Assault 1.0

    torrent Assault is a mass Bittorrent uploader. It allows you to easily announce your torrent files to over 10 different torrent sites, all on autopilot. torrent Assault can automatically crack and fill in CAPTCHA's and
  • Text Accelerator 1.1

    Text accelerator allow you to transform text or insert text chunks in any applications with 1-2 Hotkeys. Write your own modifiers in JavaScript or VBScript to process text in any way you need. Template syntax is pretty
  • BitRope Universal P2P Accelerator 1.4.0

    BitRope P2P accelerator is an universal optimizer for your torrent downloads. BitRope P2P accelerator is a highly-developed file sharing add-on to complement the performance of the program you use to download
  • Azureus Ultra Accelerator 5.4.0

    Azureus Ultra accelerator is a program designed to boost Azureus downloads. These practical and professional plug-in implement newest technologies that can double the speed of any torrent download. Azureus Ultra
  • Morpheus Super Accelerator 6.7.0

    Morpheus Super accelerator is a great accelerator for Morpheus file sharing program. The high-tech software architecture of the program and the nice interface make Morpheus Super accelerator a must-have tool for any
  • Frostwire Plus 5.0

    Frostwire Plus is the latest and fastest version of Frostwire bittorrent client. Built in download accelerator and torrent search
  • Torrent Station 3.1

    torrent Station is a 175Kb executable, it works like a Web Browser and lets you enjoy 14 more torrent Tracker services as torrent2Exe (great for Fastweb) download the torrent without the use of the client by using an
  • IRC Torrent Auto Downloader 2.09

    Plugin for ChatZilla which monitors torrent IRC announce channels, downloads torrent files based on a user-defined filter, and then sends the torrent files to a local or remote torrent client. Supports several different
  • Torrent Ratio Keeper 4.6

    Now you can download with fast speed by using torrent Ratio Keeper software that is capable of increasing the speed of download on multiple trackers without any delay. Its usage enables the torrent client to get more
  • IRC Auto Downloader 2.12

    IRC Auto Downloader is a plugin for ChatZilla which monitors torrent IRC announce channels, downloads torrent files based on a user-defined filter, and then sends the torrent files to a local or remote torrent client.
  • Kazaa Accelerator 3.0

    Kazaa accelerator lets you download MP3s, Movies and Videos from Kazaa at a faster rate by accelerating your download speed. This will improve download speed, avoid disconnections and loss of download sources by
  • Torrent Loader 1.5

    torrent Loader, an improved torrentSpy - Like program, will Load and edit .torrent files, Extract all the information from them including Name, Tracker(s) File List etc. Giving you both the main data and the hierarchic
  • JPTorrent

    Now use free 'JPtorrent' which for the first time introduced multisearch torrent program. Users can now take advantage of multisearches at same time. Nowadays we see different torrent sites are in competition with
  • Torrent Seek for Firefox

    torrent Seek is a torrent Search tool that monitors the 15 most popular torrent Tracker, contains tools for download and useful
  • Torrent Detector

    Ever find a site that had the torrent Link obscured in a pile of ads and colorful graphical text? This gets you past all that junk and right to what you're looking for: the torrent file. The extension autodetects
  • FreeTorrentViewer Module

    torrent Viewer is simply the best torrent client ever to be created, which carries plenty of features to track and control downloads and uploads. I think the best feature is the Web UI, which enables you to easily and
  • Universal Torrent Checker 1.0.5

    Universal torrent Checker enables you to track your torrents and check their updates automatically. This is the best way to not to omit, for example, a new episode of your favorite serial, or any other kind of your
  • MyTorrentClient 2.5989.00007

    My torrent client is the defenitive application that helps you download easy movies,music,series,games.programs,and other type of file...for free!Link directly to the source and download without waiting for queue. My
  • Leawo Video Accelerator

    As the name suggests, Leawo Free Video accelerator is a free video accelerator that can effectively speed up video playback. However, it is not just a video accelerator, it is also a browser, video downloader, video
  • BitComet Download Accelerator 1.0

    BitComet Download accelerator lets you download MP3s, Movies and Videos from BitComet at a faster rate by accelerating your download speed. This will improve BitComets downloading speed (faster), and helps avoid
  • Torch Browser 1.0.0

    Light Up the Web with Torch Browser Torch Browser combines the awesomeness of powerful browsing with media downloading and sharing. Torch Browser offers the following unique features: Built-in torrent Easy
  • SpeedBit Video Accelerator for Mac 5

    Watch all your favorite YouTube and other web videos without the wait, and get blazing fast iTunes downloads with SpeedBit Video accelerator for Mac. From the developers of Download accelerator Plus (DAP), the world's
  • Torrent Stream Play 1.0

    This add-on adds context menu item that can be used to view the video online, using the links to torrent files published on any of the sites you visit, without having to download the torrent file and without waiting for
  • DefendGate Web Accelerator 1.9

    DefendGate Web accelerator is our new Internet accelerator software designed to help speed up your web surfing experience DefendGate Web accelerator is our new Internet accelerator software designed to help speed up your
  • uTorrent Ultra Accelerator 4.9.0

    Movies, music, games and applications downloaded at tremendous speed! How about getting that utorrent download speed rocket high?utorrent Ultra accelerator is a valuable add-on component for one of the most in demand p2p
  • Torrent WebUI 0.361

    torrent WebUI is a very easy to use add-on for the torrent client that will allow you to remotely configure and control torrent from any computer using just a web browser. For Installation: needs to placed in